ISO 14001:2015 –
Environment Management System

ISO 14001 is an international standard by ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) for the organizations wishing to to enhance its environmental performance and implement aenvironmental management system in order to demonstrate its environmental responsibilities towards the sustainability foundation.

Activities of any type of organization use natural resources or renewable energy and yield undesirable waste products, which impact on the environment.This impact should be identified, minimized and controlled from conception, throughout the processes/activities lifecycle, including disposal.Implementation and Certification of environmental management as per the requirements of ISO 14001 standard, as part of the general management system provides a systematic approach to treat environmental aspects of organization. Environmental management system allows the organization to monitor the impact of activities, products, services on the environment.

As per ISO, The ISO 14001:2015 is applicable to any organization, regardless of size, type and nature, and applies to the environmental aspects of its activities, products and services that the organization determines it can either control or influence considering a life cycle perspective. ISO 14001:2015 does not state specific environmental performance criteria.

The benefits of ISO 14001 Certification are

Endorse Organization commitment on environmental protection and pollution by reducing the effect of the activities carried out;

Increased customer confidence, the community, employees and the Environmental Authorities

International Recognition of Certification improve organisation image and reputation

Advantage over business competitors

Achieve and demonstrate environmental performance and reduce costs through more effective use of resources and reduce the risk of environmental accidents, thus reducing the cost of insurance;

prevent possible incidents that may lead to sanction / fine the Organization due to lack of environmental protection measures;

building trust authorities regarding compliance with applicable legislation;

alignment with market requirements - domestic and international demonstration of the existence of certified environmental management system.

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